Aeternitas Mega 4

The world’s most complicated wristwatch

Aeternitas Mega 4

36 complications, 25 of them visible, 1,483 components, a 1000-year calendar, a price tag of 2.7 million dollars, and 5 years’ work: what others have simply dreamed of, Franck Muller has made a reality!

Aeternitas Mega 4The Aeternitas Mega is the pinnacle of success in the art of watch-making in terms of complexity and complications. A grandiose work of art culminating in the design of the most complex wrist watch ever made in the world thanks to the multifaceted skills of our watch-makers and constructors. Each of the 1,483 components was designed to give the watch an elegant design in the pure traditions of the old “cadraturiers” (the mechanisms located under the dial) of the Vallée de Joux, Switzerland. This watch inspires countless emotions as an exceptional time piece and simply unique in the eyes of lovers in the art of fine mechanics and luxury watch making.

In comparison to the Aeternitas versions, the four Aeternitas Mega versions only have a thickness of 0.2mm as it had to accommodate the striking mechanism of the “Chime of Westminster”. The Mega sets itself apart thanks to its “Grande Sonnerie” Chime of Westminster striking mechanism sounding on the hours and quarter hours. In the “Petite Sonnerie” version, the strike on the hour is removed, and it only sounds on the quarter hours.