B&O BeoPlay A3

BeoPlay A3 for iPad

Let your iPad stand up and be heard

The new BeoPlay A3 sound system from B&O PLAY adds an amazingly rich soundscape to the iPad experience. And it works with your iPad to keep up with every move you can put it through – and still sound great.

BeoPlay A3 for iPadThe new BeoPlay A3 combines rock-solid sound with clever design to turn up the dial on iPad enjoyment.

Whether you want to listen to your favourite music, check out the latest film or online video, or hold a Skype video conference with your friends, BeoPlay A3 adds an acoustic edge that easily becomes addictive.

The deceptively simple design, created by Danish designer Steffen Schmelling, beautifully conceals everything you don’t need to worry about behind a black frame trimmed in aluminium. After popping in the iPad, BeoPlay A3 is ready to reveal startlingly good sound definition and stereo separation wherever you choose to pick it up and bring it.

BeoPlay A3 is an ingeniously facetted wedge that allows you to fully enjoy all of the iPad’s portable charms. It’s more than light enough to sit or lie with, and its rounded edges are easy on both the eye and hand. Lay it on a table and you can tilt it into landscape mode to answer your mails; but it’s also happy to tilt to portrait mode if you want to scroll through a playlist. Stand it on a table or desk and it transforms the iPad into an immersive theatre for one – or more if you want to view videos with friends or share a multi-media presentation with a colleague.

With BeoPlay A3, Bang & Olufsen introduces Adaptive Stereo Orientation™. It knows what’s up or down, and chooses which of BeoPlay A3’s four speakers to activate for the best possible listening experience depending on how you are using the iPad at any given time.

Weighing in at just 1.5 kg, BeoPlay A3 is designed to make your music mobile. The battery keeps the tunes coming for five hours between charges, and it charges itself as well as your iPad when connected to the mains.