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STOCKINGER - A Safe Investment

STOCKINGER - A Safe Investment

Engineers of fine bespoke safes for watches, jewellery and more

In times of uncertainty in the banking world many of us are turning our thoughts to the security of our valued possessions. Now there is a range of safes that can be part of a stylish living environment without compromising on security.

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All Stockinger safes are custom made unique objects, tailored specifically to the wishes and fantasies of their clients. Stockinger will go to all possible lengths to incorporate all design requests. At Stockinger they only use proven technology from Switzerland and Germany and employ highly experienced craftsmen to combine maximum security with elegant aesthetics. Quality control, a first class service and absolute discretion are of utmost importance to them! A Stockinger Safe provides not only optimum security, but also unrestricted enjoyment of your objects of beauty and value.

STOCKINGER - A Safe InvestmentA Stockinger safe is more than maximum security and protection - it elegantly blends function and form with individuality and security at uncompromising levels of quality for your most valued possessions. Stockinger safes fit seamlessly into any classy environment, offering highly customized levels of protection without sacrificing grace or style. Stockinger safes are also created to realize your individual design wishes. Stockinger produces precisely the safe that will fulfill your individual needs for security and meet your aesthetic standards.

STOCKINGER - Bespoke Line

"Stockinger Safes combine security, creativity and German craftsmanship to create exclusive bespoke safes for you as a discerning collector of high quality jewellery, timepieces and other valuables." says Dominik von Ribbentrop, CEO of Stockinger.

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