The Mystery of Time

The Mystery

A developement over 10 years

Now, we would like to share the unbelievable functions of the GRAND COMPLICATION.

The developer´s original intention was not to simply display the time, but to do this mysteriously and this he achieved: one cannot see the force that moves the watch´s hand; still it shows the time and seems to float independently above the mechanics. The watch´s heart is the tourbillon, which again was intended to be something very special and this it became: the tourbillon moves over three axes and presents itself in the centre of attention...

The place for presentingA planetary configuration shows an earth made from gold, which calculates itself magically, revolves around itself within 24 hours, accompanied by a moon, which, too, wanders around the earth in real time, while revolving around its own axis...

In the body, two hairspring frames provide enough power to drive the mechanics. Every full hour, a hammer hits a golden bell; through the body made of mountain crystall one can glimpse the mechanics on the inside!