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Branded content plays an important role in informing consumers about products, services and a brand’s unique heritage. Each customized article engage and inform our visitors in up to 5 languages and help them make an informed buying decision. 1MaM will work with partners to create editorial-style custom content that will be featured on our pages. With various topic-affine design variations, you can present your advertising messages in any depth of information in an especially effective way and with a high acceptance rate. Use the large number of our editorial environments for accurately addressing your customers. Our integrations have great powers of persuasion and credibility. Your advertising will be presented in an appealing way so that the consumer likes to read it and becomes involved with the contents - but the hard sell is still at its core!

TabShow AD

TabShow ADIf you need more space and an even more attractive, attention-grabbing placement the TabShow AD is right made for you. Convincing in its design and placed exclusively on the top of the page your message achieves the greatest attention and much interest from the users.

Technical Specifications:

  • Banner format: 896 x 188 pixels
  • File format: PNG, transparent background preferred
  • File size: Max. 200 KB

PagePeel AD

PagePeel ADThe Pagepeel AD begins with an entry graphic (100x100 pixels) in the right upper corner of the page. Per mouse-over, the page uncoils and „reveals“ the advertising messages in large format that are beneath the web page. The unroll effect results in a high degree of attention and impulsive curiosity on the part of the users. The unrolled advertising space (500x500 pixels) provides much space for creative advertising messages, as well as additional information. If the advertising medium is closed, the added form of advertising stays in its place. This increases the advertising effect of your Pagepeel AD and it stays „in the limelight“ longer.

Technical Specifications:

  • Banner format: Max. 500 x 500 pixels (large graphic)
  • File format: JPEG, Flash
  • ile size: Max. 80 KB (Pagepeel AD + additional form of advertising)