DEWITT - Twenty-8-Eight



The new Twenty-8-Eight Regulator A.S.W. Horizons invites all watch lovers to a journey through the sky, travelling across their favourite horizon and taking an aerial view of their favourite city, their favourite constructions. Looking at the horizon also means looking into the future, and dreaming of a different, ideal skyline.

DEWITT - TWENTY-8-EIGHT REGULATOR A.S.W. HORIZONSDeWitt’s Twenty-8-Eight Regulator A.S.W. Horizons, by its design and inspiration, also intends to pay tribute to Art Déco design, and in particular to the post Great Depression trends explored in America. In this context, many American industrial designers were fascinated by streamline aesthetics and designed a wide range of innovative and modern products such as cars, ships, factories and even revolving restaurants. One very influential designer, Norman Bel Geddes had a totally new perception of design and for him, innovation simply illustrated courage:

"We are too much inclined to believe, because things have long been done a certain way, that that is the best way to do them. Following old grooves of thought is one method of playing safe. But it deprives one of initiative and takes too long. It sacrifices the value of the element of surprise. At times, the only thing to do is to cut loose and do the unexpected! It takes more even than imagination to be progressive. It takes vision and courage."

Such an approach is many ways similar to the philosophy Mr de Witt has towards watchmaking. In 1932, Bel Geddes published a book that was to become a reference for generations of creative minds where he outlined his unique vision and understanding of what design ought to be. Amusingly, his book is entitled Horizons, which is the setting in which the Twenty-8-Eight Regulator A.S.W Horizons found its inspiration.