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Bang & Olufsen launches new speaker BeoLab 12-1

Bang & Olufsen launches new speaker BeoLab 12-1

Surround yourself with phenomenal sound and sculptural design

With the launch of BeoLab 12-1, Bang & Olufsen now offers a complete system of digital speakers that work great with flatscreen televisions, but also excel in hi-fi setups for outstanding musical enjoyment. The newest speaker in the versatile BeoLab 12 line continues the family tradition of packing outsized acoustic performance into elegantly small places.

Bang & Olufsen launches new speaker BeoLab 12-1Bang & Olufsen announced today the launch of BeoLab 12-1, the latest addition its portfolio of digital high-performance speakers that are as wall-hugging as they can be – and still sound amazing. The new BeoLab 12-1 makes a powerful yet discreet pair of rear speakers in a surround sound set up, but their outstanding musicality also makes them an intriguing option wherever good sound needn’t fill up the wall. And now, Bang & Olufsen is extending the range of placement options with new floor stands for the entire BeoLab 12 line.

“The BeoLab 12 collection is all about flexibility,” says product manager Michael Jensen. “The Bang & Olufsen household wants pitch-perfect audio whether they’re watching a film in surround or enjoying their favourite playlists. BeoLab 12 speakers are designed to sound and look great, without the bulk of traditional speakers, and the three different sets all work together seamlessly both acoustically and aesthetically. On the wall or on the new floor stands, the possibilities to create the perfect sound design for any room just got better.”

BeoLab 12-1 shares the same design DNA as its predecessors launched earlier this year, BeoLab 12-3 and 12-2. All were conceived by David Lewis Designers to work beautifully on their own or together. All are active speakers, powered by separate ICEpower amplifiers that deliver startlingly lush sound for such compact design. Decorating options also remain flexible, as the new BeoLab 12-1 fabric front, available in silver or white, matches the fronts on BeoLab 12-3 and BeoLab 12-2, available in aluminium and white.

Along with the launch of BeoLab 12-1, Bang & Olufsen is also introducing a full range of floor stands for the entire BeoLab 12 collection, making it even easier to find just the right place for outstanding sound in your home.