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FABERGÉ’S launches Online Boutique

FABERGÉ’S launches Online Boutique

Discover FABERGÉ’s new Online-Boutique

Fabergé, iconic master jeweller, brings its legacy into the 21st century with a new state-of-the-art online boutique, launching on 16th April 2012. Clients are invited to discover the fascinating world of Fabergé online, exploring its rich history and browsing Fabergé’s contemporary high and fine jewellery collections.

To complement Fabergé’s existing network of retail stores, the online boutique has been given a new look with a signature blend of refined sophistication and modernity. Each of the collections – Les Saisons Russes, Les Fabuleuses, Les Fameux, Le Carnet de Bal, Solyanka and Les Favorites - is represented by a hand-painted vibrant illustration capturing the artistry, romance and legend of Fabergé. The illustrations set an elaborate backdrop to the jewels and pictorially tell the story behind each collection.

The site also features an interactive area where clients can engage further with the world of Fabergé, experiencing special projects such as the Mir Fabergé art initiative, available also as an iPad application.

The online boutique offers Fabergé clients a seamless shopping experience. By leveraging high-value transaction technology, the boutique enables clients to purchase selected items in multiple currencies complete with an international delivery service to more than 29 countries. Clients can also share and store their favourite jewellery designs through multiple channels, making the most of their desired Fabergé portfolio.

Online from 16th of April 2012