PORSCHE DESIGN - P’3110 TecFlex Writing Tools

PORSCHE DESIGN - P’3110 TecFlex Writing Tools

Black Beauty: New Look for P’3110 TecFlex Writing Tools

One of the most successful Porsche Design writing tool collections gets a new look. For the first time the P‘3310 TecFlex line gives its debut dressed all in black, and hence completes the existing silver as well as silver gold models. Each extraordinary barrel is made out of fine stainless steel threads which are precisely woven and finished with a special matt-black chrome coating. The front and end part of the Porsche Design TecFlex writing tools are also finished with this coating. The range includes fountain pens, rollerball pens, ballpoint pens and mechanical pencils.

PORSCHE DESIGN - P’3110 TecFlex Writing ToolsThe fountain pen is equipped with a completely rhodanised 18 carat gold nib. The most special products of the TecFlex series are the ballpoint pen and the mechanical pencil. The barrel of these writing tools is characterised by a clear, purist form and surprises with some striking features: When the button mechanism is pushed on the ballpoint pen and the pencil, the material follows the movement and compresses. When the user releases the pressure, the flexible material returns to its original position.

The basic concept behind the design of the TecFlex line is to give the traditional ballpoint pen telescopic mechanism a surprising new appearance with a flexible material. This idea was implemented using a TecFlex oil tube as used in high performance engine construction. The particular appeal lies in the fact that the high strength and high quality stainless steel can be woven to create a flexible material. Furthermore, its qualities such as toughness and comfortable grip mean that TecFlex is especially suitable for use in writing tools.

The whole Porsche Design P’3110 TecFlex series is made in Germany.

The black TecFlex writing tools are available as fountain pen for 460 Euro, as rollerball for 325 Euro and as ballpoint pen or mechanical pencil for 230 Euro.