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21 Reasons why the Rovos Rail Trains are the most luxurious and unique in the world

  1. Rovos Rail has its own unique 56-acre private station facility allowing for maximum security, cleanliness and efficiency. Convenient free parking areas for cars and buses within the station facility.
  2. Each sleeper carriage, 22 metres long, accommodates five Pullman suites at 7 m² or three Deluxe suites at 11m² or two Royal Suites at 16m² making these by far the largest suites on any train in the world today.
  3. Permanent beds made up 24 hours a day. 90% of the suites have full King size beds (6’.2” x 6’.2”) Different bed configuration of single beds in an L shape available.
  4. Two comfortable chairs per suite in Royal and Deluxe Suites with daytime couch in Pullman.
  5. Bar fridge in each suite. All alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages are complimentary.
  6. Tea and coffee making facilities in each suite.
  7. A digital safe in each suite.
  8. Storage space for 6 large suitcases and a set of golf clubs in each suite.
  9. 25% more cupboard space than nearest competition.
  10. Individual air conditioners for heating and cooling.
  11. Windows that open providing fresh air and communication with the outside. Smoking allowed in suite.
  12. Bathrooms are 25% larger than the nearest competition.
  13. Royal suites have full bathtub and separate shower.
  14. Every bathroom has an opening window, a heated towel rail and a wall-mounted hairdryer.
  15. Toilets are standard household flushing units.
  16. Meals are at one sitting allowing guests to linger as long as they choose.
  17. Separate smoking lounge in the last sleeper carriage.
  18. The Observation Car at the rear of the train has an open deck.
  19. The train travels at a maximum speed of 60 kilometres per hour allowing for greater comfort and scenic appreciation.
  20. 25% more train tonnage per passenger than the nearest competition (11 tons per passenger).
  21. The owner of the train endeavours to meet and greet departures and arrivals of the trains.

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