World's first all-diamond ring

World's first all-diamond ring

Switzerland's Shawish Jewelry has created the world's first diamond ring.

A diamond ring that is made from one gigantic diamond using lasers along with traditional diamond cutting and polishing techniques. It’s a solid diamond carved into the shape of a ring.

World's first all-diamond ringIt took a full year to carve the ring, which has been copyrighted and is expected to sell for 42 million Euro, about $70 million.

The passion for this extravagant jewelry piece has been rightly expressed by Mohamed Shawesh President and CEO, Shawish Jewelry. He said, "A ring made entirely of a faceted diamond has always seemed like a fantasy, It seemed impossible, so we decided to embark on the adventure of creating it. To create the perfect diamond ring is the epitome of art."

Shawish goes on to talk about the process they went through to get the ring as perfect as possible, "we had to do multiple tests with the design, to get the precision of the circle right. Diamonds are made of carbon and molecules that can change, even the colour can be altered when attempting to cut it. We had to buy special laser equipment, to cut directly into the diamond. The most important aspect is preserving the integrity of the diamond and of course the most difficult phase is precision cutting an entire stone into a ring."

The question now is, who will drop that much money on a diamond ring?
Presented by Shawish Jewelry
Expected to sell for EURO 42 million / $68 million.