Dedicated to the taking of Babylon

539 bc - When Cyrus approached the walls of Babylon with his armies, he initially thought they could take the city through siege and famine. Indeed, the defensive walls were so thick and so high that no army in the world could overcome them. But the solution was found somewhere else.

CYRUS - KLEPCYS 1,000,000 CONQUESTThe city was not so much protected by its walls, as by the river Euphrates, so deep, that two men, perched one on top of the other, would not be able to reach its surface. The river crossed the city from one end to the other, and so an idea was born - to divert the flow of the water and enter the city through its dry riverbed. And that is how Babylon was taken.

Babylon the Great, the city of 100,000 inhabitants, of a thousand temples, with its countless palaces and a great tower 90 meters high. Babylon and all its riches. The proud Babylon fell to Cyrus. The Achaemenid Lion had just put down the Babylonian Bull - two symbols found on the back of the timepiece on an identical copy of one of the earliest coins of humanity, made during the reign of Cyrus (and owned by the CYRUS watch company today).

The unique KLEPCYS CONQUEST timepiece is dedicated to the taking of Babylon. The case design arouses in us the enthusiasm of CYRUS’S men and their emotions as they saw the walls of BABYLON in the distance. Mighty, inaccessible, proud, and characteristic among the thousands. Only BABYLON can resemble BABYLON. The timepiece presents this idea through a unique design and the choice of a noble metal, 18K red gold. Only KLEPCYS can resemble KLEPCYS. An imposing case with a diameter of 48mm (including the crowns) boasts four walls in the shape of horns with a high quality finish, and encompasses the main body of the watch. The visible screws, reminiscent of the three branch CYRUS logo, are the "locks" of BABYLON, holding so much wealth for you to discover...

Set with 84 baguette diamonds (5.78 carats), invisible setting, DEF colour, IF / VVS1 quality, the KLEPCYS CONQUEST required almost 20 carats of diamonds before cut. Very exclusive: The 84 baguette diamonds come all from the same stone (!!). All the diamonds also share the same story, which makes this timepiece even more exceptional and unique. A choice of stone and setting as exclusive as the features of the watch...

A choice of stone and setting as exclusive as the features of the watch... An automatic movement of 456 components with an unprecedented display of time on a movable axis, retrograde hours, day/night indication, a large date calendar with retrograde rotating three-dimensional tens, and a spherical moon with moon phase indication by gradual rise of a patch.

Movement Automatic movement with a unique display of the time on a movable axis, with a retrograde hour function, day/night indication, large date calendar with retrograde rotating three-dimensional tens, spherical moon with moon phase indication by gradual rise of a patch. 100% Swiss made.
Diamonds All baguette diamonds come from the same stone !
Cut: Baguette (84)
Clarity: IF (internally flawless) / VVS1
Color: DEF
Carat weight: 5.78 (20 before cut)
Limited Edition Pièce unique, 18K red gold
Movement Manufacture CYR 598, 456 components, power reserve > 40h
Time function Three-dimensional retrograde display mechanism.
Reading of hours, minutes and seconds on a movable axis with a day/night indication. Precise guidance of the retrograde height of the hour hand with a ruby bearing.
Calendar Large date, retrograde three-dimensional tens, pivoting.
From 31 to 1: tens pivoting on themselves without retrograde!
Precise guidance of the height of the tens hand with a ruby bearing.
Phases of the moon Three-dimensional moon (6mm diameter)
Progressive rising of the patch to indicate the various moon phases
Indication accuracy: error of one day every one hundred and twenty-five years.
Oscillating mass Ceramic ball bearings without lubrification
Diameter 48mm (including crowns)
Coin (medallion) 18K red gold coin on the back of the watch: Identical copy of the original, over 2,500-year-old coin, and produced under the reign of CYRUS The Great.
The original coin (representing a lion and a bull) is the property of the CYRUS brand and can be viewed at
Bracelet Crocodile, sewn by hand, brown, tone on tone stitching
Spare Strap Crocodile, sewn by hand, black, tone on tone stitching
Price 1,000,000 CHF - Sold