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Content integration

Branded content plays an important role in informing consumers about products, services and a brand’s unique heritage. Each customized article engage and inform our visitors in up to 5 languages and help them make an informed buying decision. 1MaM will work with partners to create editorial-style custom content that will be featured on our pages. With various topic-affine design variations, you can present your advertising messages in any depth of information in an especially effective way and with a high acceptance rate. Use the large number of our editorial environments for accurately addressing your customers. Our integrations have great powers of persuasion and credibility. Your advertising will be presented in an appealing way so that the consumer likes to read it and becomes involved with the contents - but the hard sell is still at its core!

Advertorial Light

Advertorial LightThe Advertorial Light is an advertising solution for placing products requiring explanation, as well as core topics, within a special interest environment. With picture and text elements, complex contents can be illustrated in an understandable and convincing way. This provides a complete, exclusive page that unites the many advantages of content integration on it:

Technical Specifications:

  • The option of involving users to a greater degree.
  • Allowing users to become more intensively and attentively involved with detailed arguments and increasing the detail recall as a result.
  • Convincing users through content
  • Reducing possible barriers or indecision.

Advertorial Classic

Advertorial ClassicYou want to awaken interest, intensify it within your target group and you prefer to rely on convincing contents instead of mere catchwords? Then we have the ideal solution: the Advertorial Classic for effective image campaigns and an efficient increase of brand awareness.

One complete page and up to four subpages are available to you here. The pages offer extensive creative freedom, as well as various options for integrating informative contents and response elements. Your company, your products, services and events can be presented with texts, graphics, pictures, tables and interactive elements such as reply forms. In addition, you can profit from the integration of these pages into an environment that fit your product best.

And how does this work? You spark user attention with a comprehensive promotion package and convince your target group with an advertorial that has been exclusively integrated into the topic-affine environment for you. Convince your target group within this content integration through crisp information and creative contents. And make use of the Internet‘s advantages in the process: the hypermedia principle! Make your information accessible through links where it is desired and awaited by users. This also makes the advertising of products requiring explanations incredibly simple on the Internet.

Premium Microsite

Premium MicrositeWith the Premium Microsite, your brand will have its own profile page with the most generous creative options and its own design. Gain high-impact affinity through your individual designs, videos or interaction with the users. Contests or competitions are also here possible. With this extraordinary opportunity for interaction, commercials can spread in the internet community.

Integrate your background graphics, colouring for modules and fonts with your colourful appearance on our environments. Create your own brand world in the emotionally charged environments with pictures, videos and flash games in which the users can become immersed and strengthen their friendship with your brand.