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Fast-Ferry Capricorn to become superyacht

Fast-Ferry Capricorn

The 146m Fast-Ferry Capricorn is to become a superyacht

An unnamed billionaire has just acquired the 146-metre fast ferry Capricorn with plans to convert it to the world’s 4th largest private yacht. The multimillion-dollar refit will involve adding six metres to its length for a total of 152m or 500 feet.

The Capricorn is able to reach 40 knots thanks to four diesel engines and two gas turbines providing 95,000hp of power. The system includes two double inlet reduction gears (diesel shafts), two reduction gears (gas turbines), two booster waterjets (gas turbines) and two wing steering waterjets (diesel shafts). The gas turbines are connected to two booster waterjets, and the diesels are connected to the biggest steering water jets ever built by KaMeWa. The high flexibility of the propulsion system enables the yacht Capricorn to have three operative speeds.

Capricorn was used from 1999–2011 by Tirrenia di Navigazione to ferry passengers on routes from Naples to places like Sardinia and Sicily. Capable of 40 knots, the Capricorn and its sister vessels proved unpractical or too expensive to operate and were offered for sale. Following the refit the new yacht will be capable of a blistering 40+ knots, making it not only larger but faster than most vessels in its class. She will be powered by four diesel engines and two gas turbines, which provide 95,000 hp. Speculation regarding the new owner is focused on an oligarch or oil sheikh.

After the refurbishment the Capricorn will be considerably larger than the superyachts currently owned by King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia, the Emir of Qatar, David Geffen and Paul Allen. Only Sultan Qaboos of Oman’s Al Said, Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum’s Dubai and Roman Abramovich’s Eclipse will outrank the Capricorn.