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Champagne prices expected to rise

Champagne price rise expected

The cost of grapes is expected to rise by at least 3%

Several champagne houses agreed that the rise in grape prices from the Champagne region's 2011 harvest will be unavoidably passed on to the consumer, with estimates that vary between a three to six percent rise in retail prices, reported industry wine publication Decantermagazine this week.

Speaking in London at the launch of the 2000 vintage of their prestige cuvée Femme de Champagne, Carol Duval-Leroy, chairman of the eponymous house, said the increase in grape prices is ‘collective suicide, we are all going to the wall.

The cost of grapes has gone up too much over the past few years. It will mean prices going up by between 3 and 6%. The consumer may be reluctant to pay so much and turn to Prosecco where they can buy a case for the price of two bottles of champagne.

If you foresee a lot of reasons to celebrate in the new year and you only fete with French bubbly, better stock up now!