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BANG & OLUFSEN unveils new brand

BANG & OLUFSEN unveils new brand: B&O Play

BANG & OLUFSEN unveils new brand: B&O Play

Bang & Olufsen launches a new brand, B&O PLAY focused on audio-video products that combine convenience with high-quality, contemporary design for the digital generation.

B&O Play - Beolit 12B&O PLAY combines stand-alone products with clear and simple operations, rather than integrated home installations. B&O PLAY will feature portable products that are intuitive to use, easy to integrate into your daily life, and deliver excellent high-quality experiences.

Price points will be at more accessible levels than typically seen from Bang & Olufsen. Best-in-class audio and sound imaging combined with cutting-edge design using the best materials will continue the Bang & Olufsen tradition of excellence – but with a twist: The products will be designed to represent a different usage pattern of the digital generation and with a contemporary and playful design.

“We are very excited about the range of products that we will launch under this new brand. Through B&O PLAY, we will bring core Bang & Olufsen values of design, performance, and quality to a new audience” says Tue Mantoni, CEO of Bang & Olufsen. “I think we will see many new customers be intrigued by the products under the B&O PLAY brand – customers who want an ultra-convenient experience. We now offer them this experience in a beautifully designed solution combined with superior sound and acoustics performance so the quality of the listening experience is significantly improved. In addition, many loyal Bang & Olufsen customers have already told us that they would use these products in second homes, teenage rooms or to enjoy media content on the move.”

The mission of B&O PLAY is to evoke senses, to elevate the experience of listening and watching. “We have spoken to musicians and studio recorders who all love the fact that more people listen to music in more places, but hate the fact that the quality of the listening experience has been eroded. We want to provide the opportunity to experience media in a convenient and easy way but still in outstanding, high quality” says Henrik Taudorf Lorensen, Vice President, B&O PLAY. “We are integrating a lightness of touch to our designs. Our design approach flows through all aspects of the products. We strive hard to humanize advanced technology and make it work on people terms - rather than the other way around”

This collection of high-performing audio-video products will be available at Bang & Olufsen showrooms around the world, select Apple stores in US and Europe, and from a new branded online store –

The first product to launch under B&O PLAY is the highly anticipated Beolit 12 portable music system, which will be followed by more products during 2012. “Once people listen to their portable music through the Beolit 12, they will wonder why they ever did it any other way” says Tue Mantoni.