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Bang & Olufsen presents BeoLab 12

Bang & Olufsen - BeoLab 12

Bang & Olufsen raises the bar with new BeoLab 12 loudspeaker

Just as the flat-screen forever changed the television, BeoLab 12 will transform the way perfect surround sound is achieved in the living room. BeoLab 12 is Bang & Olufsen’s first on-wall loudspeaker concept developed with video and surround sound setups in mind, matching perfectly any flat screen television in the market.

Bang & Olufsen - BeoLab 12The loudspeakers are placed flat on the wall and incorporate the famous Bang & Olufsen Acoustic Lens Technology that disperses the high frequencies horizontally in a 180 degree angle in front of the loudspeaker, allowing the listener to sit anywhere in front of it and still have a fantastic listening experience.

A high-performing "optical illusion"

The three-dimensional wave design contemplated by designer David Lewis creates a sculptural shape that is discrete and sleek. Its compact shape does not sacrifice performance or acoustic perfection. In fact, BeoLab 12 is an ingenious example of the synergy between design and performance. It exploits every inch of the unit to drive out an incredibly clear and precise sound experience.

Great acoustics in minimal space

BeoLab 12 boasts outstanding versatility and scalability to fit the owner’s taste and space. Conceived as an on-wall loudspeaker BeoLab 12 is a full range loudspeaker with a ¾-inch Acoustic Lens for the treble, a 2-inch midrange unit and two 6.5-inch flat CosCone woofers for the lower frequencies pointing towards the wall. The 2-inch aluminium cone gives a precise sound, which complements the sound of the acoustic lens.

To achieve the optimum performance in such narrow dimensions has been a challenge presented to the Bang & Olufsen acoustic engineers once more, and the result is likely to surpass your expectations.

In the shadow of the lens, the midrange grille is made in a high quality aluminium finish with holes in a pattern designed to match the shape of the lens and allow sufficient acoustic penetration.

BeoLab 12 includes Bang & Olufsen’s own ICEpower class D amplifier technology in a new design. ICEpower – a Bang & Olufsen patented technology - stands for Intelligent, Compact and Efficient power conversion and is the secret to the achieved sound performance. Due to the limited space and the requirements for high peak power, a new amplifier and a matching power supply have been developed. These give a small form factor and offer a solution that provides 480 watts in total.

Up or down - whichever way you like

As the optimal sound is achieved when the lens is placed at the same height as your ears in the listening position, you can place BeoLab 12 with the lens up or down.

The loudspeaker design is made so either position will look great. A three-position switch to accommodate for placement influencing the performance of the loudspeaker is placed in the socket panel on the rear.

BeoLab 12 offers customers a unique possibility to have the slimmest surround sound setup with a Bang & Olufsen flat screen on the wall. BeoLab 12 will of course also fit nicely to any Bang & Olufsen music system. In addition BeoLab 12 can be connected to a flat screen television of any other brand to secure the viewer a great sound experience. BeoLab 12 is truly about performance, flexibility and discretion when at its best

BeoLab 12 is sold exclusively through authorised Bang & Olufsen dealers. BeoLab 12 will begin to arrive in showrooms early Spring 2012.